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-Direct Recruiting Platform

for Non-Japanese Talent-

-A Sustainable Hiring Solution for Employers

in an Era of Decrease in Japan's Working Population-

Basic Functions

  • Unlimited Job Postings and Scout Messages

  • Detailed Candidate search for Language Abilities, Skills/Experienced Years, and Language Ability

  • Appilcation Status Management

  • Messages

  • Manage Jobs

  • ​Manage Hiring Accounts

Options for Employers with less experience in hiring Foreign Nationals


Overseas Remote Work

As remote work is rapidly increasing,
so is overseas remote work.

In Tokhimo Jobs employers can narrow down talent willing to pursue overseas remote work, and post jobs based on overseas remote work.


Mentor System

A support system that goes beyond recruiting that we provide because we are a team of Multi-Cultural backgrounds.

Market for Non-Japanese Talent 

Due to the decrease of working population in Japan,

 companies that are strategically hiring Non-Japanese Talent are increasing.


Tokhimo Jobs has 1,000+ registered candidates from across 50 countries.

Feel free to contact us and see if there are candidates that fit your requirements.

Steps for Creating an Employer Account


Steps for Hiring

To Recruiting Agencies

In Tokhimo Jobs, Recruiting Agencies may also post jobs 

and send application invitations to candidates.

(Client information may be set anonymous)

Feel free to contact us and get to know the details .​

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