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Creating Unity in Diversity

-A Company that Connects Global Talent with Japan -

About Tokhimo

As Japan is going through an era of decrease in

working population, the government is pushing forward

for companies to hire Global Talent.

However, there are many issues remaining such as

low hiring rate of exchange students, law violation in the Technical Intern Training Program, and

low adaptation rate of high skilled workers.

Tokhimo as a team with multi-cultural backgrounds 

will support the  

"Global Talent that want to build their career in Japan" 


"Companies that need the power of Global Talent"

 through our business pillars based on 

Education - Recruitment - Adaptation 

to ultimately become an

"Infrastructure that connects Global Talent with Japan" 


Our Services

Japan Jobs

Tokhimo Jobs

A Recruiting Platform focused on Global Team Building

  • We match multi-lingual candidates with employers who are building global teams

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Tokhimo Review

A Company Review Platform specialized in diversity in the work environment

  • Access company reviews and ratings in Japan focused on workplace diversity and salary


Learn Japanese
with Tokhimo

Industry-specific vocabulary lessons mainly for Technical Interns and Specified Skill Workers

Sending Organization for the Technical Intern Training Program in India

We have a special focus on training and providing internship opportunities to Automobile Technicians from India.

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Software Development Services

Providing Japan Quality development services with low costs and consistency in quality.

Working in Japan

Media for Global Talent

Publishing helpful articles about Visa, Work culture, Manners, and Living.


Working in Japan

Learn Japanese with Tokhimo

Company Information


Basic Information


Company Name        Tokhimo Inc.


CEO                  Shota Morisaka

Established                2018.08

Office                                   162-0041, 103-520-10, Shinjuku Waseda

                                              Label, Tsurumaki Shinjuku Tokyo 



​Phone                            050-3778-5614

Recruiting Agency #      13-ユ-312619

CEO Profile


Shota Morisaka

Born in Hiroshima and raised in the U.S. and

 Belgium for a total of 10 years.


After graduating an International school with students from

60 different countries, graduated

Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts.

Participating in account sales, and new service development in companies such as Rakuten and Campfire.

Established Tokhimo Inc. in 2018

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