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Japan Executive Search 

Find leaders that will take your business to the TOP

Service Description

Leadership hiring is risky.

In a country like Japan where cultural customs and business manners, that at times are difficult to logically comprehend exist, one of the most common mismatches that occur in executive hiring is the expectation for intercultural flexibility.

We specialize in supporting global team building and thus are trusted to find/pre-screen the perfect leader for you.

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Goals of our Clients

Japan Market Entry for Global Corporations



Global Expansion for Japanese Corporations

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Leadership Replacement

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Success in high-quality Contingency Search

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Functions we Serve

Country Manager

Corporate Affair

Financial Officers


Human Resources



Risk  Management


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How we Source Candidates


Based on the success profile,  we target individuals that fit the criteria through social networks, emails, and digital marketing.

Database Search

We have access to various candidate databases with different strengths to search the perfect candidate.

Referral Network

Our network of multi-lingual candidates allows us to be referred to candidates that are not easily reachable.

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