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Ask Senpai: What are living supports provided by companies in Japan?

Companies play a crucial role in supporting their employees both at work and outside the office. Many forward-thinking organizations offer various helpful services to show their commitment to their valued workforce.

For foreign employees relocating to a new country, companies' support is especially important. Japan’s unique cultural norms and language can be challenging for foreigner. Without any family and friends there, the employer is the one you can turn to. So, let’s ask the Senpai or the employees who have been working in Japan!

We gather these answers from Tokhimo Review, our company review platform for employees in Japan. Tokhimo Review allows employees to anonymously share their working experiences in some positions or companies, especially regarding foreign employees’ support and the international environment.

Here is what they said about company-provided living supports in Japan. Click the link to find more reviews.

Working Visa Support

A working visa holds immense significance for individuals seeking employment opportunities in a foreign country. The Japanese government requires foreign employees to have their company sponsor their visa, so it’s the first thing you should know when looking at job vacancies.

They provide working visa to those who are willing to relocate. Read full review.

The only support offered is visa application support. Read full review.

Bank Account Opening Support

Many banks in Japan primarily conduct their services in Japanese, and the application process may require filling out forms and providing documents in Japanese. For foreigners who don't speak the language fluently, this can be a significant obstacle. Having assistance and support from the company when setting up a bank account can significantly ease the process for you.

Yes it provides visa for some process for Japan location and supports bank opening as well. Read full review.

Rakuten will support the visa application and helping you with opening a bank account if you want (Rakuten bank)... Read full review.

Housing Support

Moving to a new country and finding a perfect house can be a daunting task, and having support from the employer can make a world of difference. These considerate companies may offer relocation packages that include temporary accommodation, company dormitory, or housing search services with local real estate agents who understand the specific needs of expatriates. Some companies also subsidize their employees’ rents.

They also set up appointments with real estate agents that specialize in renting to foreigners, significantly lessening the strain of finding an apartment in Tokyo. Read full review.

Company pays up to 70000 yen for rent payment. Read full review.

House rent support for 30.000 yen available if you live 2 stations close, but other than that no support. Read full review.

Company dormitory available, 30000 yen personal house renting support available. Read full review.

They provide work-visa support as well as accommodation for the first days of your arrival in japan before having an assignment. For the house renting, they provide half price of the amount of the rent. Read full review.

Nevertheless, the housing offered by companies may not be the best fit for everyone. So, you have the option to do your own research and choose what works best for you. Taking charge of your search allows you to find the ideal accommodation that suits your needs and makes you feel comfortable.

Didn't receive any. Housing was offered, but I had to cover all fees from my first 2 months salary so I refused. Read full review.

Visa renewal, house renting, bank accounts, etc are all supported. It’s always better to figure out housing by yourself. Read full review.

Companies that Provide All Supports

We mentioned some reviews talking about visa, bank account opening, and housing support earlier. Now, let's discuss companies that offer full assistance for the entire relocation process. These companies help their employees with everything they need to move smoothly, from visa applications to flight tickets and insurance. Their support shows how much they care about their employees' well-being and success in their new location.

They provided all visa documents, assisted with housing arrangements, and contracted local staff to help with city hall and bank set up. They also helped with finding medical care when needed and helped others who had to drive arrange a lease car. Read full review.

Living support like visa, insurance, reallocation support, house renting etc. taken care by HR Read full review.

Onboarding is completely handled by the company including Visa, stay for first 2-3 months, Food and flight tickets. After you are settled in Japan there is HRA provided Read full review.

Additional Benefits

In addition to basic necessities, some companies go the extra mile by providing extra benefits for their employees. For instance, they may offer access to entertainment options and meals right in the office premises.

There is a discount system if you use some amusement such as gym, golf, or park. Read full review.

The breakfast and lunch benefits were the most valued living support benefits. ⮕ Read full review.

The meal benefits are well known and are highly appreciated although you do get used to it. Read full review.

Different Living Support in the Same Company

Within a single company, the support offered to employees for their daily living needs can vary. These support offerings may vary depending on factors such as the employee's position, location, or specific needs. For instance, different facilities at headquarters and branches may lead to distinct types of living support for employees.

For people who get transferred to local branches, there is unfortunately no specific benefit, and transfers are announced around 2 weeks prior, which leaves small room for preparation. On top of that many of the local branches do not have a cafeteria compared to the headquarters and receive vouchers instead which does not equalize the benefits compared to the headquarters. Read full review.

The living supports are also different for Japanese and foreign employees as their

needs are not the same. Here’s an example.

For Japanese, you can get the house renting support. For foreigners coming to Japan, you can get pretty much all the supports to live in Japan including work visa application, house renting, opening a bank account. Read full review.

In some cases, the local employees may feel they don’t receive any living support from the companies.

I am not sure about this part, as I am a local in Tokyo office Read full review.

No Living Supports

There are also companies that offer little to no living support for their employees. For instance, companies may not offer visa support due to the expenses and complexities involved, so they prefer to hire foreigners who already possess a valid visa.

None of work visa application/ house renting or opening a bank account was provide by the company. Read full review.

No, we had to figure it out by ourself. Read full review.

However, it’s possible to negotiate with your employer regarding living support. When negotiating with your employer about living support, be clear about what you need. Research industry standards and company policies to understand what's possible. Show how the support can benefit both you and the company. Be respectful and open to compromise. By discussing it constructively, you can reach an agreement that works for both sides–just like what this reviewer did.

Smooth visa support, housing support after negotiationRead full review.


Company-provided living support is a significant aspect of modern workplaces, reflecting the increasing emphasis on employee well-being and work-life balance. Assistance for foreign employees such as visa, banking, and housing support show that companies are inclusive and supportive toward their workforce.


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