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Introducing Tokhimo Review, a Company Review Platform for Global Talent in Japan


We are proud to announce the launch of Tokhimo Review, a company review platform for employees in Japan. Tokhimo Review allows employees to review their companies and job experiences anonymously, especially regarding foreign employees’ support and the international environment.

As Japan’s labor shortage worsens, the employment of foreign nationals in Japan has steadily increased. More and more companies accept foreign workers and expand their organizations globally. However, not every company is ready to accommodate the working culture and language gap among foreign employees.

On the other hand, more Japanese people seek a world-class work environment, especially young Japanese. The traditional seniority-based and membership-based hiring practices are coming to the forefront as an issue. Mid-career switches have also become more common.

Tokhimo Review provides valuable insights for job seekers trying to decide whether a particular company is a good fit for them. People can get a realistic view of what it’s like to work at a particular company. By reading reviews from current and former employees, job seekers can get a sense of the company’s culture, benefits and employee support, management style, and overall work environment.

You can post a review of your current or former company

Here are some main points of the reviews on our website:

  • The possibility of open communication within the company

  • The fairness of HR, average salary, and average overtime hours

  • The acceptance of different cultures and languages (multicultural and multilingual environment)

  • Gender equality in the workplace

  • Support systems for foreign employees, such as visa support and a Japanese language and culture training program

  • The percentage of foreign staff

  • The percentage of paid holidays and availability of long vacations

Example of reviews in Tokhimo Review

In addition to providing helpful information for job seekers, Tokhimo Reviews can also help companies improve their workplaces. By reading and responding to reviews, companies can identify areas they need to improve to create a better work environment for their employees.

How It Works

To gain full access to all reviews, you need to use a Full Review Access Ticket ticket that can be obtained by writing a review. You will get a month Full Review Access Ticket and each time your review is posted. If you submitted your review and got disapproved, you will not get a Full Review Access Ticket.

Full Review Access Ticket

Our Goals

Tokhimo Review works both for employees and employers. Job seekers can easily search for companies with an international management style and provide significant employee benefits. They can find companies that match their values beforehand. Once they join, they can adapt quickly because they already know the company’s working culture.

Employee reviews provide great insights for companies that want to continue evolving to meet global standards while preserving the excellent work culture unique to Japan. In the end, companies committed to creating an international standard work environment will get recognition and gain an advantage in recruiting more talented people.

We also aim to accumulate best practices that can be used as a guidepost for companies that begin to build global organizations. By raising the standard of the workplace environment, Japan will become the country of choice for human resources around the world.

How’s a company profile look like with users’ ratings

Overall, Tokhimo Reviews is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about companies and job opportunities. By reading reviews and using other tools on the site, such as salary information and job listings, job seekers can make informed decisions about their careers. Companies can also use Tokhimo Reviews to gain valuable insights into their workplaces and improve where needed.



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